Feel free to also email any questions or feedback to thecityconfessions@gmail.com. He also reveals a confession that you guys don't want to miss! rachelcult Anna is a huge believer and advocate for putting yourself out there and her professional experience with cold calling has brought her to where she is today. As an entrepreneur who just launched her company in February 2020, Carolyn understands that growing a business is a journey. You can connect with Jonathan on Instagram @thisisjcali and feel free to email any questions regarding this episode to thecityconfessions@gmail.com. Blog: www.kaishacreates.com You can also direct any questions, comments or feedback to thecityconfessions@gmail.com. Today's episode features Julia Marino, Paraguay's First Winter Olympian. Saved by TikTok. Website|  Instagram | TikTok You can find Maddox on Instagram @maria_instalife and you can email thecityconfessions@gmail.com should you have any questions regarding this episode! Website With the support from her friends, Ekaterina was able to navigate through the first few years of operating her business. Ep 11: Isis Louw - Moving from Europe to NYC - What Investment Banking Has taught her - Juggling Being a Full-time Mom and Full-time Blogger - Advice on how to Find Balance in your Life. I also share a confession about money, a topic that a lot of people shy from. Christina also explains her typical day and what goes on behind the scenes of a talent agency. They acknowledge that their decision to go into business as best friends was a tough and risky decision, but explain how they ultimately decided to take the plunge. In this 20th episode, we have Dara Mersky, who is the head of Marketing at WTHN, a wellness studio situated in Flatiron Manhattan, that believes in Ancient healing for modern life  with acupuncture + all-organic herb blends. Fresh Tortillas = Fresh Tacos #marinacantina #clearwaterbeach #tacos. This episode features Michelle Lam, who is the founder of Bklynnite Media, a public relations and social media agency that caters to hospitality and lifestyle clients in NYC. Join Facebook to connect with Marina Tik Tok and others you may know. Sara Falaro shares her personal and professional goals and as a new business owner, Sara hopes to help aspiring actors find their truths with her coaching and programs and also wants to be a role model for the queer community. You can support Nastasia Yakoub by purchasing her Dame Traveler book here and make sure you follow both @dametraveler on Instagram as well as Nastasia's personal page and blog. If you have any further questions about this episode, feel free to email thecityconfesisons@gmail.com. Hear why they started the company and what motivated them to embark on a mission to take down sugar. Get ready for a high energy interview with the fabulous Broadcast Journalist, Celebrity Host and Luxury Style Expert Tijana Ibrahimovic! She advocates for therapy and explains how she adopted a positive mindset and connection with the universe. Feel free to email thecityconfessions@gmail.com if you have any feedback or questions about this episode. Her main goal is to help businesses grow and succeed. Feel free to connect with Shaynon Grambling on his social platforms below: Feel free to connect with Thomas on his social platforms, which can be found below: Ep 65: Back for Season 4 - Life Updates on Anxiety, Loss, Grief - Confession Regarding Mental Health, Self Care and Therapy. 13: Katya Bychkova - Embracing being a New Yorker with a Russian Accent- Experience as a Journalist and Beauty Blogger - Overcoming Endometriosis. If you are interested in plants or want to know more about Rooted, check out their website https://rooted.nyc. She also reveals how she discovered acupuncture as well as WTHN. It would be greatly appreciate it if you guys can follow @sourmousenyc on Instagram and support this local business whose main mission is to simply create a space where people can come together and have fun. Then check out this episode as he reveals the behind the scenes of his work as well as his confession. Hear how she transitioned from working for some big corporations to working for herself. In this episode, Priscilla walks us through her journey of becoming an athlete, but opens up about the realities that many people aren't aware of in the sports industry. She explains how she started her marketing influencer agency in NYC and why she has decided to now sell her company. Priscilla Frederick Loomis is a 31-year-old Professional Track and Field High Jumper representing the country of Antigua and Barbuda. This episode features Andreina Valderrama, an inspiring fashion blogger and marketing specialist from Venezuela. If you want to know more about Anna Radke, feel free to check out her website https://annaradke.com/en/ and follow her on Instagram @aniaradke and if you have any questions regarding this episode, email thecityconfessions@gmail.com. Her journey to NYC hasn't always been easy but she explains how she has managed to find balance in her hectic life and shares insights on how we can all achieve that as well. Drawn On Your Day: Turn Your Vows Into A Work Of Art Winning Nationals, setting the countries High Jump Record, becoming the North American Central American Caribbean Games High Jump Silver medalist & Competing at the Commonwealth Games, 2014 began her Track and Field career with a bang. This episode features New York based writer, editor, blogger and digital content creator Austen Tosone. She is an open book with great stories and experiences about dating! This episode is definitely not a light one, so be sure to listen carefully, take some notes and be ready to absorb some great life lessons. #nicquemarina Ep 64: Mariann Yip -Solo Episode Closing out Season 3- Current Life Updates- Dealing with Anxiety - Advocating for Mental Health. You can keep up with Mariann Yip on her Instagram @mariann_yip and you can email thecityconfessions@gmail.com if you have any questions or feedback regarding this episode. This special episode in our March series, which focuses on current NYC residents or visitors, features Isis Louw, a full time mom and blogger from Europe. If you would love to be a guest on this episode or have any feedback/ questions regarding this podcast, feel free to email thecityconfessions@gmail.com. Get ready for an in-depth, powerful episode featuring digital marketing expert, Betul Yidiz, a mom of twin girls and fashion technology blogger. Originally showcasing only her travels on her Instagram account, Jennifer made a conscious decision to include her career on her page, which was not an easy decision. Since launching in 2014, Share Your Beauty has collected and distributed over 150,000 products to those in need. This week’s episode closes out the third season of The City Confessions and is a solo one from yours truly, Mariann Yip. I share how I developed a healthy relationship with money and tips on how you guys can do the same. Ep 50: Shelly Xu- Full Time Photographer in NYC - Love for Dance and Photography - Growing Her Business - Family Dynamics and Improving Relationships. After taking one year off (2013), Priscilla attained dual citizenship for the country of Antigua & Barbuda, which she acquired in early 2014. Grace dishes about her current day struggles with being a perfectionist and gives the reality of what it’s like to navigate through her 20s in this crazy but beautiful city. She opens up about the difficulty of getting a visa in USA, but explains that the process never scared or prevented her from living out her dream in NYC. Aaron opens up about how this business idea started, the realities of being an entrepreneur and the honest struggles that comes with being a business owner, especially during these unprecedented times. This episode features Alyssa Gagarin, founder of Meal Prep Chef, an in home, healthy personal chef service in New York City. Let's be freaking honest comedy skit christmas rachelcult #nicquemarina original sound - Nicque Marina. Be prepared to listen to a powerful and inspiring episode featuring Heather Manwaring, a photographer who provides a transformational experience of healing and personal expression for women in business and in life. If you are interested in learning more about WTHN, visit their website https://wthn.com/ and on Instagram @wthn and you can also find Dara on Instagram at @daratheexplora12. Inspiration is drawn globally with each frame meticulously sourced and handcrafted in Japan. Feel free to also check out her blog WWW.MARIANNYC.COM and email thecityconfessions@gmail.com if you have any feedback or questions regarding this episode. If you would like to be featured on The City Confessions or have any feedback or suggestions on topics and guests, feel free to email thecityconfessions@gmail.com. Today’s guest is Alayna Palgon, an influencer marketing professional. If you have any questions regarding this episode, feel free to email thecityconfessions@gmail.com. You can connect with Andreina Valderrama on Instagram @Andreina Valderrama and make sure to check out her blog https://andreinavalderrama.com/. Lara Eurdolian is a beauty expert, on-air-talent, entrepreneur, and founder of Pretty Connected (prettyconnected.com), the award winning, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog. Denya closes out this episode with a confession that relates to validation and social media likes, which we can all most likely resonate with. There's also a funny and unexpected confession from the both of them that you don't want to miss! Both companies put a unique spin on creating meaningful connections. In the later half of the episode, Imad opens up about his own insecurities and how he found his purpose through a meditation retreat. However, her story is one that will undoubtedly motivate you to go after your dreams because she is doing that right now. Nicque's braveness in sharing her story about dealing with clinical depression on a daily basis is an example of her strength and resilience. Marina Yers Parents, Family. Feel free to email any questions or comments regarding this episode to thecityconfessions@gmail.com. You can also find Alyssa Gagarin on Instagram @alyssagagarin and be sure to check her out on the Food Network App for healthy recipes! This episode features Nicque Marina, a singer/songwriter, actress, tik tok content creator (with 625.2KFollowers+) and former army veteran. While being a professional athlete, Priscilla feels passionate about inspiring those chasing their dreams. Hear more about what she has to stay about this constant battle and how she's planning to overcome it. gospel, MAKE IT ENOUGH🤣🔥 In this episode, Carolyn explains why she started her own business and why her company's core belief is that you’re at your most beautiful when you feel good and are happy in your own skin. She expresses how much NYC has shaped her life and has helped her grow to the woman she is today. Tijana Ibrahimovic discusses how she made a name for herself in broadcast journalism and her journey and discoveries of becoming a New Yorker. This episode features Sana Akhand, CEO and CoFounder of Jet Black Social Club,  which is an all inclusive social club whose main mission is to create a safe place for people from all different backgrounds to feel welcome.