[266] While it is the final standalone Captain America film in Evans' contract with Marvel Studios,[267] Evans stated in September 2015 that he was open to extending his contract past Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, the final films on his contract at the time. Stark's team intercepts Rogers' group at Leipzig/Halle Airport, where they fight until Romanoff allows Rogers and Barnes to escape. Envy is very German, "The actor playing Baron Zemo in the next 'Captain America' movie says he won't be wearing the villain's infamous purple mask", "Daniel Bruhl Says Lots Of Secrets in Captain America: Civil War", "Every Captain America: Civil War Character From Marvel Comics Confirmed so Far – FRIDAY", "Martin Freeman Joins Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War, "Martin Freeman's Captain America: Civil War character revealed", "Martin Freeman Teases His 'Ambiguous' Captain America: Civil War Character", "Iron Man's mom: Let's talk about her for Mother's Day", "Every Captain America: Civil War Easter Egg & Secret", "Forest Whitaker Joins Marvel's 'Black Panther, "Here's Who Alfre Woodard Plays in 'Captain America: Civil War, "Is a Netflix Luke Cage Character in Captain America: Civil War? [176] The trailer was viewed 61 million times in the first 24 hours of release, surpassing the 34 million views of Avengers: Age of Ultron's in 2014. For the airport sequence, Opaloch rigged the Alexa 65s to a Technocrane, a Steadicam, a dolly as well as a drone for flyover shots, which had its own dedicated team operating it. Nearly 20 visual effects studios worked on Captain America: Civil War including Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Lola VFX, Method Studios, Luma Pictures, DNEG, Image Engine, Trixter, Cinesite, and The Third Floor amongst others. 1 Spot For Third Straight Week", "Exclusive: Marvel launches program for girl scientists", "Chris Evans to present Captain America: Civil War sneak peek at MTV Movie Awards", "See the Cast & Crew of Marvel's 'Captain America' Travel the Globe", "WHIH News Returns for Civil War Viral Video! Of the $179.1 million, $16 million was from IMAX, the second best for an MCU film. It is more than likely that the events of Spiderman: Homecoming take place sometime after Captain America: Civil War. ", "10 Coolest Captain America: Civil War Easter Eggs, References And Trivia", "Stan Lee Has Filmed His Captain America: Civil War Cameo", "The Biggest References And Easter Eggs Of 'Captain America: Civil War, "Watch: All Of Your Marvel Phase 3 Questions Answered By Marvel Head Kevin Feige", "Directors Joe & Anthony Russo Confirm They'll Direct Captain America 3; Say They're Breaking the Story Now with Screenwriters Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely", "Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely Talk Captain America 3; Reveal They've Been Working on it Since Late 2013", "CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 Directors Joe and Anthony Russo Talk Filming Dates, the Title, the Evolution of the Script, Marvel's Involvement, Hawkeye, and More", "Captain America 3 Directors On Making Sure The Next Sequel Offers Surprises", "Scarlett Johansson Lands $15 Million Payday for Black Widow Movie", "Captain America to Return to Theaters May 6, 2016", "Lensman loves getting lost in the images from new Captain America film", "Exclusive: Marvel Screenwriters Talk Winter Soldier And Captain America 3", "Exclusive: The Russo Brothers Tell Yahoo Movies What They've Got In Store for 'Captain America 3, "The Russo Brothers on Captain America 2 & Captain America 3", "Russo brothers reveal Captain America: Civil War was almost a 'zombie' movie", "Captain America Screenwriters Talk Civil War And Adapting The Comic", "Sony, Marvel Discussed Spider-Man Movie Crossover", "Sony Pictures Entertainment Brings Marvel Studios into The Amazing World Of Spider-Man", "Marvel and Sony Reach Deal on Spider-Man Movie Production", "Russo Brothers Sign First-Look Deal with Sony", "Frank Grillo Teases Crossbones' "Captain America: Civil War" Appearance", "Extras casting call for "Captain America: Civil War, "Photos from the "Captain America: Civil War" set in Atlanta", "Photos: Chris Evans on the Atlanta "Captain America" set", "Samuel L. Jackson Talks Frozone in the Incredibles 2, Nick Fury's Absence From Captain America: Civil War", "Here's why Nick Fury was absent in Marvel's 'Civil War, "Captain America: Civil War: Meet the new cast ...", "Captain America: Civil War Starts Production, And Sounds Huge", "Marvel Must Sell 'Civil War' As 'Captain America 3,' Not 'Avengers 2.5, "Everything We Just Learned About The Future Of Marvel Movies", "When Will We See Hope Van Dyne As The Wasp?

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