With shades to suit a variety of skin tones, these colour-correcting drops effortlessly fit into your daily routine to keep your skin looking radiant all year round. I wanted to achieve a dark tan. The drying time isn’t the best, but not the worst either. Jules Von Hep, philanthropist, motivational master and self-tanner to the stars, founded Isle of Paradise, revolutionizing the self-tanning industry through diversity and body confidence. Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops Review My skin tone is available in 2 extremes: when I’m pale, I am PALE but when I’m tan, I get more questions than usual about whether or not I am Greek. If you’re looking for a healthy, tan glow without the sun, I highly recommend you try these out. There were no streaks; I was really impressed with how smooth it looked. I also loved that these really helped reduce the appearance of dark spots and melasma for me. Can’t stress that enough. You can choose to mix these drops with whatever lotion you like, which is another plus. Self-tanning really has come a long way! This will slough away dead skin cells and give you a more even and more natural-looking tan. The video soon went viral on TikTok; it now has more than 1.5 million views. Use your own favorite lotions, for example, on my face and neck I use one drop of Isle of Paradise to give myself a glow. But I’m not here to talk about Isle of Paradise, as much as I secretly want to. The next day I couldn’t smell any smell besides a little hint of DHA. Here’s what I thought…. Smell (After Several Hours And The Next Day). To apply these drops, you add 1-12 drops to your favorite moisturizer. Details. Connect with us for more self tanner reviews, discounts and product giveaways! But if you don’t wash it off, your hands will develop a tan too, which doesn’t look so natural. I also didn't think the light shade made a lot of sense since I am trying to look tan. Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops Dark Full Size. So easy to use and provides great, natural-looking results. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this self tanning product. I’ve also noticed that my tan looks best when I apply the drops the morning or night after I’ve exfoliated. Once applied, Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water takes about 30-35 minutes to dry. Size: 30ml. Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops Review First thoughts—these are amazing! I’d heard so many amazing things about Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops that I decided to give them a try. How Long Should You Leave Self Tanners On For? Self Tanning For Men: Here’s How To Do It Right! Not because it makes them go away, but because my skin is darker, it makes them less obvious! I was super excited to try new tanning brand Isle of Paradise, created by celebrity tanning expert Jules Von Hep. Just like Isle of Paradise's buzzy original Self-Tanning Drops, the Glow Clear Self-Tanning Mousse comes in three formulas — light, medium, and dark.The light option is … I used a tanning mitt to apply, and I found it to be pretty easy and mess free. All drops combine organic tanning actives with avocado, chia seed, and coconut oils for a happy, hydrated glow. Dark - Bronzed Glow. Happy, healthy, joy-filled living. Credit: Sephora. When I first tried them, I started with one drop mixed with my daily moisturizer—I’m hooked on this clean one, but didn’t notice much of a difference. Admittedly, I’m new to the sunless tanning world, but after a long winter I was feeling especially pale and needed a little healthy glow. Isle of Paradise tanning review. $42.00. Shaving your legs before applying is also a great idea because it naturally removes the top layer of dead skin cells. My best tip for even application? Dry brush before applying your drops, or use a good scrub in the shower to exfoliate—I LOVE this non-toxic one. Simply add these color-correcting Self Tanning Drops to your moisturizer for a natural, sunkissed glow with no streaks, smells, or orange tones. Can You Still Get A Sunburn When It’s Cloudy Out? Comprehensive review of Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops. Approachable wellness for busy mamas. You are here: But I was pleasantly surprised, and found these pretty easy to use. I found that my tan faded pretty evenly with minimal spottiness. After just a couple days of my first use of the Isle of Paradise Drops, I was looking tanned and glowing. The brand is Isle of Paradise. I actually really love this product in terms of what it is advertised as; it certainly brings color to your face, to me in a way that is less nerve wracking then applying tanning lotion to the face (idk maybe because it goes on clear?! These self tanning drops are a thick, goopy texture. All positive reviews › Amanda. Qty 1. The idea behind the product is that you don’t have to substitute your favorite moisturiser or serum with the tanning drops. It turned out great, and my hands and feet looked very naturally tanned! 5.0 out of 5 stars Best product on the market. They have 3 shades of these self tanning drops; I tried the dark ones. But I’m glad I tried these drops because I actually like them! Benefits . As you guys know, I ‘m a clean beauty junkie, and was thrilled to learn that these tanning drops are formulated in a way so they are vegan, cruelty-free and organic. I really love the concept behind the tanning drops and I think they are a really creative product. If anything, the natural glow makes my makeup look better and more even. Like Goldilocks, I didn't want too hot or too cold, so I went for something in the middle. Developing in four to six hours, the Isle of Paradise tanning drops can be mixed with any serum, moisturiser or foundation to change it into a self tanner. In the MEDIUM products, green color-correcting actives cancel out red tones to produce a medium golden tan. It’ll fade over a few days. I also really like that I can use my own lotion. I asked around and most people said 3 drops, so I tried that, and felt like it was too much. Colour-correcting false-tanning drops. I’m impressed with the color these drops give, but don’t expect a very dark tan. Isle of Paradise has combined a color corrective approach with a tanning-know-how to bring you your best glow ever_ˆ”whether that's for the beach or brunch. I rarely take time to leave reviews, but this stuff is the real deal. The MECCA view: Say hello to a year-round holiday glow with these handy self-tanning drops - just add them into your regular moisturiser! Mama, wife and passionate about living my best, healthiest (but, balanced!) I found these drops relatively easy to use, and I like that you can customize how dark your tan is. I hope you guys enjoyed watching me go from GHOST TO GLOW! See All Buying Options. And then spread out your application to every other day or more. Luckily, that smell goes away once you mix it with your lotion. You can see in real-time how I apply the drops and mix them in with my lotion in my Story Highlights on Instagram. life. I chose to put less drops on my hands and feet, as they tend to soak up more product. I was really curious about the Isle of Paradise self tanning drops (you can use them on your face or body) and then these Ever ones were coming back in stock so I decided to give them both a try! This is more than they suggest using, but I wanted a deeper tan. First, Isle of Paradise is 100% vegan, organic and cruelty-free. Isle of Paradise Medium Tanning Drops: This is the product we're talking about today! They also have light and medium shades. Thanks so much for watching my Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops Review & Demo! Because they’re drops, you can easily customize how tan you want to be. RIGHT? Amazon: I get mine from Amazon because we have Prime and you can’t beat that super fast shipping. Isle Of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops. Add to Wish List. I ended up using one full dropper full of tanning drops for each body part I tanned. Knowing how much was right for my face, I upped it for my body. While you can use Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops for both face and body, I purchased Isle of Paradise Medium Self Tanning Drops with the intention of using them for my face, saving the tanning water for my body. See 2 member reviews and photos. They are custom-made self-tanning drops ($36 CAD at Sephora) that allow you to control your tan. Miss Vogue Miss Vogue Beauty Vogue Recommends I found that the tan showed up faster than I was expecting, so you might not need to do that. The good news is the smell goes away when you mix with your body lotion. Also available at QVC. Make sure to wash your hands after applying! The drops themselves are actually almost clear, but the color develops within a few hours of applying. I started with the product people are really talking about: Isle of Paradise Tanning Water ($28). And, I mean, OK, there is a bottle of Isle of Paradise self tanning drops on my ASOS wishlist right now, after a couple of people recommended it to me on Insta last week, but… well, just because it’s there, it doesn’t mean I have to buy it, right? I don’t think the drops themselves are very sticky, and even if they are, you use so little of them it’d be hard to tell. I found that two drops mixed with my moisturizer about 2-3 times per week was ideal. What’s right for me, naturally more olive-toned, would not be right for my sister who is fair-skinned and freckled. (SD Alcohol 40-B), Glycerin, Polysorbate 80, Xanthan Gum, Erythrulose, Propylene Glycol, Tropaeolum Majus Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate). If you're a visual person like myself this should be helpful. The more drops you use, the darker your tan will be. BTW, my current skincare routine, and how to get rid of dry skin on your face. Tanning Drops (light, medium—I use this color & dark), also available here | Lemongrass Body Scrub | Countermatch Face Lotion | Countermatch Body Lotion. This shade is our bestseller- it’s universally flattering, and enhances all skin-tones. I started with 3 drops per area (leg, stomach/chest, arm) mixed with my body moisturizer and that did the trick for me. For legs I use three drops with my favorite lotion. When you first start, you might want to apply them for 2 days consecutively to achieve the color you want. That means that my face is often lighter than the rest of my body. The directions on the bottle say to mix 1-12 drops with your moisturizer and then apply. I love that it didn’t look fake at all, just healthy and tan. I mixed the drops in as I went. This product is designed to be used on your face and body, which is great—one less thing to buy. Control YOUR glow with Medium Self-Tanning Drops. It is indeed easy to apply and the results are quite visible, but: The tan looks yellowish with only 2 drops mixed in my face lotion And it comes off super easily whenever I … Unfortunately, my tan wasn’t dark; it was a medium shade. Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. The price point on these drops is pretty average, and one bottle will last you a while. The good thing is that if you overdo it, it won’t last forever. What are Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops? The next morning, I had a medium shade tan. On nights I’m going to use it, I’ll take an early shower and just wear baggy sweatpants or my robe until bedtime and I haven’t had any issues with it staining my sheets. Mom-life can be hard, but it’s easier when you feel your best. Home » Blog » Self Tanning Reviews » Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops Review. Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops are $29.00 per bottle, which is a pretty good price as these will last you a while. FYI, I’m only 1.9% Balkan, 0.2% Ashkenazi Jew. The Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops come in 3 shades—light, medium and dark—which is so handy because there are so many different shades of skin out there. I ended up using one full dropper full of tanning drops for each body part I tanned. I could only smell a small hint of DHA the next morning. I use it after each shower to maintain, lasts for several days, goes on smoothly and evenly. The drying time depends on which body lotion you use to apply. So Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops make your tan customizable based on how dark you’d like to be. The drops themselves smell ok; they have a clean scent but I also smell a lot of DHA. If you need a little extra help, do some gentle exfoliation with a cleanser like this one for your face, or use a body scrub, I love this Lemongrass Scrub, to help lessen the intensity. I found it was best to avoid showering for at least 4 hours and stick to looser fitting clothing while the tan develops. I use this body lotion every night and it keeps my skin glowing and so hydrated. So whatever the scent of your body lotion is ends up being the main scent you’ll smell. Transform your skincare into a custom self-tanner with Colour-Correcting benefits Green colour correcting actives cancel red tones and give the perfect medium golden tan. AND (you guys are so sweet), you’re always sending messages that it looks like my skin is glowing… it’s 110% the drops and not me lol. For arms I use two drops with my favorite lotion. Our Ranking And Reviews Of The 10 Best Self Tanners…. These Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Drops are also suitable for face AND body and are super easy to use. I got a medium tan that looked very natural and smooth. Not from this product at least. It wasn’t as dark as I expected it to be, I wish it got a little darker based on how many drops I used. Overall, these drops are pretty easy to use, and I was able to apply to my whole body in about 15 minutes. Even Rob made a comment that I suddenly looked like I’d been hitting the tanning beds, haha! I wanted to achieve a dark tan. The dark is more like a medium shade, so I’m guessing the other two shades are quite light. After just a couple days of my first use of the Isle of Paradise Drops, I was looking tanned and glowing. The next morning, I had a medium shade tan. I also like how you can customize how dark your tan is for different body parts. If I was to sit in the sun to get my face darker, my dark spots and melasma would also get worse, so this is a great option for anyone else who’s dealing with those issues, scars or hyperpigmentation. I ordered the medium because I'm pretty pale and I didn't think going too dark was in my best interest. It looks natural and even, which is exactly what I was going for. These are goopy drops that are clear/yellow in color. And, be patient! Always on the lookout for the next best thing, Jules was the first to combine color-correcting theory with self-tan. How are ratings calculated? My skin stayed hydrated longer than with most self tanners because I applied it in conjunction with a moisturizer. But it looked very nice and natural. You need to mix with your body lotion before you apply. So Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops make your tan customizable based on how dark you’d like to be. I purchased mine from Sephora. The DHA smell was barely there, but if I tried hard, I could smell it. Free Shipping and Returns. They produce a much smoother tan then their water and mousse in my opinion. Isle of Paradise is £18.95 for self-tanning water, £19.95 for a mousse and drops (face & body) are £19.95 and available at Boots. Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2020. Find in store Add to Bag. I tried these drops in the ‘Dark” shade. Yes, I think men will like these drops, just don’t expect a super dark tan. I ended up mixing one full dropper full of drops with my lotion for each body part. Top positive review. Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops Review, Tags: Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops, Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops Dark, Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops review, Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops reviews, Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops self tanner, Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops self tanning, Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops tan, self tanner, self tanning, self tanning reviews. After my initial face-tanning test and overdoing it, I simply didn’t apply it for 3-4 days and it looked normal very quickly. Vegan. To make your tan last longer, make sure to regularly moisturize your body too. To buy Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops. So overall, I like these, but they aren’t perfect, and not dark enough to be called a “dark tanner”. Isle of Paradise has combined a color corrective approach with a tanning-know-how to bring you your best glow ever—whether that's for the beach or brunch. If you want a darker tan, add more drops to get the look you’re after, or opt for a darker shade. I used a Jergens body moisturizer and I found the product dried within 5 minutes, which was great! Formulated with HyperViolet complex to reduce orange tones, Self-Tanning Drops can be added to your favourite moisturiser for a natural, streak-free glow. My tan lasted about 4 days before fading. It’s $29 per bottle, which is pretty average. If you’re into clean beauty, this brand nails it. Use peach for a light, sun-kissed glow, green to counter redness and a medium tan, and violet to reduce orange tones and instil deep colour. These drops get rave reviews so I was excited to test them out for myself. I typically give it at least a half hour to absorb before applying makeup, longer if I can, but I didn’t notice any issues with streaking or splotchiness after applying makeup. To apply the self tanning drops, mix a few drops with your moisturizer and apply like normal. They’re clearish,yellow in color, so they don’t have a color guide to them. I’m a big believer that getting real sunshine is incredible for your health, but when it’s cloudy, or you’re like me and very prone to melasma and dark spots, I always try to keep my face covered in my favorite daily SPF (I wear No.2 in winter and No.3 in summer) and wear a hat. First thoughts—these are amazing! These drops sound difficult and time consuming to use, they have an extra step involved than most self tanners. How Long Should You Leave Self Tanners On Before Showering? I decided to go heavy on the drops (I used a full dropper for each body part.) Just to clarify, that means 3 drops per single leg or single arm. It’s easy to forget since the drops go on clear. I apply tanning drops on my face about 3 times per week to maintain and even, healthy glow. Write a review. There are a few things you need to be careful of: mixing in the drops evenly and making sure you don’t miss any spots while applying. by Isle of Paradise. I emerge from spring season with my big grin and pale (sometimes with a blue-ish tint) skin, ready to get some tan. Let’s get to the review WHAT ARE THE TANNING DROPS Again, THESE are the tanning drops. To buy Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops, Click Here. So easy to use and provides great, natural-looking results. Sephora: If you’re a Sephora loyalist or VIB member, snag them here. Shop: Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops, $29. August 4, 2020 BEAUTY Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops Review I’m definitely not the palest person who’s ever lived but probably close enough. Applying is easy; you mix with your normal body lotion. A versatile self tanning drops for face. The tanner dried in only 5 minutes, which isn’t bad at all! In the review, Tatiana shows how she applies the drops. It’s the first time I’ve tried self tanning drops and I have to say it’s not what I expected. Because of this, I’ve been using them while pregnant as well, but if you’re concerned, of course, ask your doc! because I wanted a dark tan. They’re thicker than water, but they’re still liquidy. I went with the medium shade and it’s been perfect for my skin tone. Since you’re covering more surface area when tanning the rest of your body, you’ll want to use more drops per area. The drops smell ok, they have a clean scent, but I can also smell a lot of DHA as well. ). User Tatiana Eliza first brought attention to the drops on Jan. 15 when she uploaded a video after testing out the product herself. I was hesitant to try these Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops because the two other Isle of Paradise products I’ve tried weren’t good at all. Product Name:  Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops Dark, Top 10 Ingredients:  Water, Dihydroxyacetone, Alcohol Denat. However, if you want a really deep tan, you should probably look elsewhere. But the medium color was very smooth and nice looking. Christina Miller 25th May 2018. I think you’re going to be as obsessed as I am! This is ideal for anyone who is new to tanning, or paler skin tones who would prefer a lighter glow (although they come in all shades from light to dark!). Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops review, Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops reviews, Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops self tanner, Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops self tanning, ULTA Beauty Gradual Tan Water Mousse Review, TanWise Self-Tanning DHA Boost Drops Review, Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Tanning Mousse Review, Naturena Ultra Premium Self Tanner Mousse Review, Tarte Brazilliance 2-Hour Express Tan Review, How To Self Tan: The Best Way To Apply Self Tanning Products. Developed by celebrity tanner Jules Von Hep, Isle of Paradise is not a typical tanning brand. Cruelty-free. If you have any questions that I didn’t cover, leave them below and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Isle of Paradise Dark Tanning Drops The last item in the Isle of Paradise review is the Tanning Drops. It uses colour-correcting technology and organic actives to create a streak-free, real-looking tan. I purchased the isle of paradise self tanning drops in medium (light blue). 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